Collapsing the Stack
Time to work smarter, not harder. Find out why making the switch to simplified system architecture is the key to beating slow software and maximizing scalability.
A software vendor’s primary objectives are to attract new users, adapt to the expectations of existing users, and prevent user outflow — all critical to maintaining the agility, competitiveness, and profitability of a business.
Every time the user base grows, the developer is put under pressure — tasked with scaling the entire user platform to accommodate increased workloads, while keeping the UX response time within a fraction of a second. No easy feat considering the development stacks commonly used today, which present significant trade-offs between system complexity and scalability.
This imbalance can be resolved through the adoption of an emerging kind of software technology which takes a slimmed down approach to the software stack — allowing developers to work smarter, not harder. The resulting benefits include agility, competitiveness, and a reduced total cost of ownership.
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