Release Channels


Starcounter supports a number of different release channels. We use these channels to roll out updates to users, starting with our close to hourly builds, all the way up to our Release channel releases.


Stability: High, Frequency: Low
This channel contains releases that have been thoroughly tested by the Starcounter team and our clients. The latest release on this channel is used for the master branch of our sample apps. For most purposes, using the latest release from this channel is recommended. It's updated approximately once every six months.

Release Candidate

Stability: Medium, Frequency: High
This channel is for versions that are stable enough to be considered for release. It's updated daily with bug fixes. We don't introduce new functionality in the Release Candidate, that's done on the Develop channel.


Stability: Low, Frequency: High
This channel is the unstable iterated release channel. It's updated every night after a full day of work. Features from the Develop release are most probable to appear in the next “Release” version, use it to try out these features. Since the versions from this channel are under constant development, they should be used with care - expect that they will corrupt your database and contain bugs that won't be fixed immediately.


Stability: Varied, Frequency: Varied
This channel is for custom builds that are used for specific purposes. It may, for example, help to detect problems in an environment. Releases of this channel should mainly be used by developers who are explicitly directed to them by our support.

Long-Term Support (LTS)

Stability: High, Frequency: Low-Medium
This channel is updated nightly when there are hotfixes and patches for the latest release of the Release channel. There will not be a major release in this channel unless there is also a release in the Release channel, thus, this channel and the Release channel does not differ in functionality.