You install Starcounter by downloading and running an installer. The following sections describe how to install Starcounter and the different options you have during the installation:

How to install

  • Run the <Your setup file name>.exe by double clicking on it.

  • Check the Install Extension checkbox [Recommended] which will create Project Templates in Visual Studio to help you creating applications with Starcounter.

  • Click install.

Silent Installation

In Silent Installationthe Starcounter installation process runs seamlessly without prompting any messages to the user or asking about any choices - Yes/No popups. This is particularly useful in production environments where user wants to install Starcounter in an unattended fashion with some commands or scripts.

How to install

  • Open a Command Promptwindow with Administrator privileges

  • Browse the directory where the Starcounter setup file exists.

  • Run the following command :

<Your setup file name>.exe Silent unattended
  • It should install Starcounter seamlessly

Note: By default the Starcounter Server Service runs under the Local Service account.


Starcounter can also be installed and run in Docker containers. For more information, see Starcounter.Docker.Windows.